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Seasonal chicken dish with endives, mushrooms, bacon and olives

What better than to cook with seasonal ingredients? Endives and mushrooms are typical Autumn ones and they can go very well together in a cooked dish. Rose&Clementine is happy to share this delicious recipe that includes them.



Rose&Clementine’s Autumn’s chicken dish with endives, bacon, mushrooms and olives.

Ingredients for 4 people

4 breasts of chicken

4 endives

1 large or 2 small onions

200g mushrooms

125g diced bacon

200 ml cream (“crème fleurette”/ double cream type, can be low fat)

60 g stoneless green olives 

Dijon mustard (the yellow and strong one)

2 tea spoons of butter

fresh parsley

 Optional: basmati rice, tagliatelli or spaghetti.



–         Slice the chicken.

–         Melt 1 tea spoon of butter in a pan and fry the chicken until golden. Then take it out of the pan and add salt, pepper and cover the strips in mustard. Leave aside.

–         Fry the diced bacon. Once cooked, take them out the pan and dry them in kitchen paper (sopalin).

–         Melt one tea spoon of butter in a pan at low-mid temperature, add the onion and endives cut in small pieces and the diced bacon. Leave them cook slowly for 5 minutes. Then, add the previously sliced mushrooms and olives and leave the mixture cook slowly for 5 minutes extra.

–         Add the chicken strips and cook at low-mid temperature for 15/20mn. If need be, add a spoon of water to provent the dish from drying.

–         Add the cream, 2 or 3 tea spoons of mustard, salt and pepper and let it warm for 3minutes.



It is ready. The dish should preferably be served with white basmati rice, tagliatelli or spaghetti.


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