Dazzling treats at Jean-Philippe Patisserie, Bellagio Hotel, in Las Vegas USA.

Dazzling sweets and pastries

  Jean-Philippe Patisserie creation, Las Vegas. Photo credits R&C.

Who has never been caught day dreaming while staring at beautiful and appealing sweet creations of a patisserie (pastries and sweets shop) anywhere in the world? The French for instance are very keen on desserts, and that is probably why new patisseries and bakeries are always blooming in the French capital. They are everywhere. But not only in France.

Rose & Clementine has been travelling to the US this Summer and stopped for a night in Las Vegas.

Everything in Vegas hotels must be dazzling, impressive, sparkling, shiny and perfect looking. Hence Vegas is an amusement park for adults, really. You feel like you are out of reality and it is fun. If seing a Sphynx next to the Gizeh Pyramides, Venice canals turned into a mall inside a hotel or a palm tree next to the Eiffel Tower make you laugh, you will enjoy Vegas very much!  Just see it as it is, a fun amusement park for adults and take everything you see quite lightly.

4 chocolate fountain, Jean-Philippe Patisserie, Las Vegas. Photo credits R&C.

In Vegas, Rose & Clementine was amazed by the creations of Jean-Philippe Patisserie in the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas. Its patissiers (the pastrie makers) are very talented artists. It was impressive.

Jean-Philippe Patisserie, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas. Photo credits R&C.

R&C is happy to share some pictures of these creations with you. Today, it will be for the pleasure of the eye only, but maybe one day you will have the opportunity to taste one of Jean-Philippe Patisserie’s beautiful creations in the US. Enjoy!

Jean-Philippe Patisserie creation, Las Vegas. Photo credits R&C.

  Jean-Philippe Patisserie creation, Las Vegas. Photo credits R&C.

Jean-Philippe Patisserie creation, Las Vegas. Photo credits R&C.

Jean-Philippe Patisserie creation, Las Vegas. Photo credits R&C.

Jean-Philippe Patisserie creation, Las Vegas. Photo credits R&C.

Jean-Philippe Patisserie creation, Las Vegas. Photo credits R&C.

  Jean-Philippe Patisserie creation, Las Vegas. Photo credits R&C.

  Jean-Philippe Patisserie creation, Las Vegas. Photo credits R&C.


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Rose & Clementine’s favourite day of shopping in Barcelona.(2) Bimba&Lola

– Bimba & Lola –

Another good address for Spanish good quality shopping is Bimba&Lola. The styles of their collections can be quite different depending on the seasons but remain elegant and trendy and you will always find something for you whatever your style is.

This Winter again, Bimba & Lola has proven its originality and come up with colourful bags and accessories. A touch of brightness and colour for the cold season, perfect!

To carry on your day of shopping in Barcelona city center, Rose & Clementine suggest the Bimba & Lola shop  located on Carrer Valencia 272, a few steps away from Passeig de Gracia.

Take a peak at Bimba & Lola’s creations!

Photo credits Bimba & Lola –  bimbaylolastore.com


Botines                                                               Bailarinas 

      Photo credits Bimba & Lola –  bimbaylolastore.com

Heritage shopping bag

Photo credits Bimba & Lola –  bimbaylolastore.com



Photo credits Bimba & Lola –  bimbaylolastore.com


Zapatos salon                                               Bailarinas

Below, some shots from the Fall Winter 11/12 collection found on the Bimba & Lola Facebook page.


Photo credits Bimba & Lola –  found on Bimba & Lola Facebook page

You can find Bimba & Lola shops in Spain, France, Portugal in Europe and also Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia and United Arab Emirates. The articles shown on R&C  blog are available on purchase on Bimba & Lola webpage.

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Rose & Clementine’s favourite day of shopping in Barcelona.(1) Uterque & Hoss Intropia

Rose & Clementine’s favourite high quality shopping in Barcelona, all amazing Spanish brands that are being very successful, expanding abroad and that you might be able to find wherever you are… But Spanish prices are a lot kinder to your wallet, so if you plan on a trip to Barcelona or any other large city in Spain, come with an empty suitcase! This is an advice you will not regret following.

Do not forget that all the shops are closed on Sunday here. However, they close quite late, around 9:00 or 9:30 PM, some of them at 10:ooPM.

All the following brands have shops in Barcelona city center. Take a glimpse at their new Fall 2011/Winter 2012 collections.

– Uterqüe –

Top quality leather, perfect cuts, beautiful designs for all items and extremely comfortable shoes. Rose & Clementine loves it.

In Barcelona, R&C recommends the Uterque shop located on Passeig de Gracia.

Photo credits Uterque.com


Origami Detail Bag                Saffiano Leather Wallet  

                  Photo credits Uterque.com  

Textured peep toe platforms       


Photo credits Uterque.com


Punched Medium-High Heel shoes     Slingback Medium Heel

Photo credits Uterque.com


Boot-style Pointed Shoes        Half-lengh gloves  

Photo credits Uterque.com


Snakeskin Peep Toe Court Shoes        Crocodile Braided Handle Basket 

                             Photo credits Uterque.com

High Heel Mocassins with Tassels

You can find Uterque shops in Spain, Belgium and Greece but many items are available for purchase on their website and can be delivered anywhere.

– Hoss Intropia –

Rose & Clementine also loves Hoss Intropia, and its elegant and modern style. This is another top quality Spanish brand that R&C was delighted to discover in Barcelona.
R&C recommends the Hoss Intropia shop located on Passeig de Gracia.

     photo credits hossintropia.com

Cape  CAP 6302 662

photo credits hossintropia.com

Coat   ABR 6644 695                Hat GOR 6875 930

photo credits hossintropia.com


Dress VES 6620 610                  Hat  GOR 6876 930     Leather Gloves GTE 6877 931

photo credits hossintropia.com


Coat ABR6463 644                                   Necklace COL 68 98 911

photo credits hossintropia.com


Frock Coat LEV 6511 627     Hat GOR 6974 930

Take a peak at some Hoss Intropia oufits from the Fall 11/Winter 12 collection.

photo credits hossintropia.com and found on the Hoss Intropia Facebook page.

Model: Maria Tomassini.


photo credits hossintropia.com and found on the Hoss Intropia Facebook page.


photo credits hossintropia.com and found on the Hoss Intropia Facebook page.


You can find Hoss Intropia shops in the UK, Spain, Portugal and Italy in Europe, and also Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, South Korea, Mexico, the Philippines and Qatar.

More Barcelona shopping tomorrow!

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For Italian shoe lovers – Cesare Paciotti & Sergio Rossi. Part II.

Rose & Clementine was amazed by the extremely high level of creation of the coming Fall/Winter 2011 collection of the luxury brand Sergio Rossi. Francesco Russo striked his admirers with the beauty of his new line with fascinating shapes and exquisite shoe styles.

Beautiful and innovative round volumes.

Francesco Russo imagined a very glamorous collection with graceful shapes and voluptuous volumes that manage to give movement to the shoe. He explains that his intention was to present a very couture and dramatic approach to shoe design.

The emblematic image of this collection is probably the round and wavy openings of many shoe models that remind us of the shapes of a flower with large and graceful petals.

Photo credits: sharendeval.posterous.com

Mutation spirit of the collection.

Francesco Russo explains that mutation has also been a key concept of this new collection.  The mutation of the shoe turning into a flower reminds him of the woman’s transformation when she puts on high heels. Indeed, the designer mentions that women stand, move and walk differently when they are wearing high heeled shoes.

These beautiful shapes express the spirit of mutation that Francesco Russo was keen on designing this amazing shoe line.


Flowers are not the only element of nature of the collection. Butterflies are also iconic here and we can find them on many different items. Rose & Clementine especially liked the butterfly golden detail ornamenting the back of a black high heeled shoe that you can discover in the video.

Rose & Clementine also spotted stunning golden red shoes with large black dots that were a clear representation of a lovely ladybird.

… Superb!


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For Italian shoe lovers – Cesare Paciotti & Sergio Rossi. Part I.

Rose & Clementine has hunted down over the internet the interviews of two very famous and genious Italian luxury shoe designers, Cesare Paciotti and Francesco Russo for Sergio Rossi.

Cesare Paciotti analyses the trends of his beautiful and feminine Spring/Summer 2011 collection and Sergio Rossi presents his fabulous and couture Fall/Winter 2011 collection.

Photo Credits : becomegorgeous.com

Cesare Paciotti’s line follows the biggest trends from the Spring and Summer 2011 fashion collections for a very contemprorary spirit.

We can find lace that symbolises the utmost and delicate  femininity of the 2011 modern woman. However, his colourful line distances itself with the major high street trends and sticks to soft but fresh colours such as orange, pineapple yellow, pomegranate, Baltic blue and pastel light green avoiding too bright electric colours. 

Cesare Paciotti explains that the well-mannered and educated woman is back in fashion so elegant and subtle shades are very welcome. Still in that same chic spirit, heels are smaller than in the pasts few collections. 

Style, elegance and modernity. For more images, connect on http://www.cesare-paciotti.com


Francesco Russo analyses his new coming Fall/Winter collection for the luxury brand Sergio Rossi. He defines it as very couture. With its beautiful and innovative  round volumes, the collection takes us to another level of couture shoes. More on that tomorrow!

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Interview of Gabrielle Rosset for CASART, Art Promoter.

By Rose&Clementine.

Casart is a rising Art Promoter that has been working with artists for 11 years now. It was created in 2000 by an art passionate couple, Gaëtan and Florence Dejan Vanderhoeven.

We have been very lucky to meet their daughter Gabrielle Rosset who inherited that passion for art and joined the family business in 2007.  


 Gabrielle Rosset


Good morning Gabrielle. First of all, thank you very much for giving some of your time and introducing us to CASART and the art promotion world.

So, you work for CASART, which is an Art Promoter agency located in Montmartre, Paris. Can you tell us more about CASART? Is what you do what we commonly know as Art Patronage?

It all started years ago when my parents met a sculptor and decided to help him in the promotion of his pieces of work and finance his production. They understood that melting the bronze and making the moulds of a sculpture are very expensive processes and that is sometimes a problem for artists whose means are not great.

At the beginning, they were indeed doing what we call Art Patronage given that they were privately investing and doing so in a non-lucrative approach.

Then, in 2000, my parents created CASART. Even though the spirit of Art Patronage keeps on driving us today in what we do, it is now a business and it has its own lucrative purpose. 

 R&C: “Did you know that the ethic code of foundries in France only allows the production of 12 copies of the same piece of work? These 12 copies are considered as originals and qualified as pieces of Art and will be sold under a reduced VAT.” 


 Miramontes, The Fall.


And what do you do in a few words?

My job is to look for new talents, develop partnerships around the world, extend our network of galleries and organise exhibitions in these galleries.

Do you only work with sculptors?

No, we recently started working with painters as well. Our activity then focuses on the promotion only.

How did you get to work for the art industry? Did you study art in the first place? (tell us about your background)

I first got my University Degree with ESSEC, a French business school. Then I followed a course in Art History at Formation Drouot inParis.  

However, my passion for art started when I was very young. My parents always surrounded themselves with artists and as a matter of fact, they often invited several artists over for dinner. I remember these dinners as being very lively and passionate. Also, I started visiting museums and galleries when I was a little girl.


Jacques Van den Abeele – The Pianist

We heard that the Art Market has recently been booming and that is has become a safe investment. How do you explain it?  

Yes, we heard a lot about that. Wealthy people saw their fortunes decrease drastically with the Financial Crises, the Stock Market crash, the Madoff scandal, etc.

It is clear that art is a safe investment for cautious investors who want to diversify their portfolios. The Press reports on extraordinary sales and astronomic financial results at auctions. Indeed, pieces of art can generate tremendous capital gains in comparison with shares and bonds.

However, art remains an investment that cannot really be compared with traditional investment options. To invest in art and in order to maximise the chances of obtaining capital gains, you need large budgets as the two options are either to aim towards one artist whose success is already confirmed, or purchase multiple works or art from promising artists. It is hard to speculate on the price evolution of contemporary art.

After specialised Funds, we now start to see the appearance of Art Exchange Markets such as the Bourse Art Exchange in France. However, it is too early to be able to comment on their results.

I believe that art is, above all, a market where passion matters as much, or probably even more, than financial logic. My advice would be first of all to follow your heart and invest in a piece of art that you love and believe in.

If you buy a piece of art and you think you will like it for the next 10, 20, 30 or 50 years, then you know that it is a great investment.



Jean-François Debongnie – Flowers 15           Mikael Kerboas – Disappearance

 So part of your job is to look for talented artists around the world. Can you define the style of the artists that you are working with?

I usually qualify our artistic line as contemporary figurative art. I look for professional artists that innovate but also keep in mind and are concerned with the search for beauty.

Are there trends on the art market? If so, how do you keep yourself informed of new trends on the market?

Yes there are trends on the Art Market and you can keep yourself informed reading specialized press articles, visiting galleries, fairs and sales institutions.

Among the different trends, the one that is attracting my attention at the moment is the worldwide interest revival of sculpture. For instance, Alberto Giacometti’s sculpture entitled “L’homme qui marche I” (The Walking Man 1) was recently sold in auction in London for 65 million British Pounds and it has beaten the world record for a piece of art sold in auction.

Also, many exhibitions now invite contemporary artists to take over a historic place and make an artistic proposal that will interact with the place. The Paris exhibition Monumenta and also Jean-Jacques Aillagon’s Invitations in Versailles where the contemporary artist Bernar Venet is celebrated at the moment are good examples of this trend.



Corby – Holding On.                                    Nicolas Rudler –Petrified Man

Do you organise art events? If so, when is the next one?

We organise exhibitions of our artists in partnership with galleries. We are entering the Summer season and its collective exhibition.

This Summer, our artists will be represented in galleries in very touristic places such as Saint Paul de Vence, Saint Rémy,Avignonand La Baule inFrance, Knokke le Zoute inBelgium, CransMontanaand Verbier In Switzerland.

We also participate in a few fairs such as Art Antiques London, in London, with Miramontes from June 9th to 15th, and the Biennale Internationale de Sculpture Contemporaine in Burgundy in France which is an international event on contemporary Scultpure that takes place every two years and where Jacques Van den Abeele will be a honour guest from June25th to July 10th.

From September onwards, individual exhibitions will start again in large cities and we regularly exhibit in Paris, Brussels, London, Munich, New York, Seattle, etc. We will start Autumn with a large exhibition of Miramontes in Lille, another one of Corby in Holland.

We also organise open door events twice a year at CASART in Montmartre in Paris, where we welcome friends and professionals to come and discover new pieces from our artists. The next one will take place in early September.



Carlos Orive – Nomadic Lovers            Victoria Calleja – Last Meeting

Who is the first artist that you Gabrielle have ever promoted ? Which is your favourite piece of art from his/her work?

The first artist I promoted when I joined CASART was Isabel Miramontes. She is a Spanish sculptor who makes fascinating characters that embody the great themes of life with grace and humour. Her bronze sculptures are contemporary, smooth and light. They show high level of technique and they can be observed and analyzed in many different ways. 

We have just organised an individual exhibition in Brussels and Paris and we permanently display her work in about 15 galleries across Europe and the USA.

My husband and I purchased the sculpture Frissons.



Miramontes – The Rendez-Vous                                 Miramontes – Intimidad


Who is the last artist you have discovered?

The last artist I discovered was Jorge Marin during our holiday trip to Mexico this Winter with my husband.

It was love at first sight. Jorge Marin was exhibited outdoors on the most beautiful avenue in Mexico city and his extraordinary sculptures really caught  my eyes.

As he is already well-known in Latin America and well represented in the USA, we are going to concentrate on promoting him in Europe and I’m very excited that we just signed a contract with him.

Jorge Marin was born in 1963 in Mexico. He has already got a remarkable career and has shown his work in numerous and important exhibitions. His creations are free and personal in a post-modern fashion. His sculptures are extraordinary. He details every part of the human body and he uses iconographic elements such as masks and wings that steal its humanity from the body and take us to a different level of figurative art.

Where can we discover Jorge Marin’s pieces of art?

The Mexican Ministry of Culture is organising an itinerary exhibition in cultural centres in Europe. It was inaugurated in the Mexican Institute in Madrid last month and it is now in the Mexican Consulate gardens in Barcelona. It will next be at the Navy Museum in Lisboa this Summer and then in Belgium and the Netherlands. It will end in Russia next Summer. You will then be able to discover Jorge Marin’s pieces of art in many different places in the next few months in Europe.

Also, you can see the pieces on our website with all our artist’s. Also, we will very soon exhibit his pieces of Art in galleries in Europe. Keep posted on our website: www.casart.fr


Jorge Marin – Diver                                                   Jorge Marin – Flight

Which is the last Art exposition you have attended ? Did you like it?

Anish Kapoor for the Monumenta exposition at the Grand Palais in Paris. It was fascinating.

If you could afford any piece of art of your choice, which one would you go for?

Probably a sculpture from a British contemporary artist such as Antony Gormley or Tony Cragg.

What is your favourite weekend trip destination?

At the moment, I enjoy Venice and its Biennale. But in general, I like weekend trips to London, Rome, Florence, Sienna, Barcelona, Sevilla, etc. They are all beautiful cities with a very rich artistic patrimony.

What is your current favourite restaurant? (anywhere)

I have always had difficulty answering questions such as « who is your favourite actor/film/book/colour ? ». I Like lots of things and I enjoy discovering new ones very much.

Our last Parisian discovery was the Yam’Tcha (4, rue Sauval 75001 Paris) where we had an exceptional evening.


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Spicy and creamy chocolate cake.

Pre-Colombian people from Mesoamerica were the first to use chocolate in their diet. Chocolate was not sweetened or fattened as it is commonly today, and was initially consumed as spicy drinks with chilli and other spices such as vanilla.

Today still, Mexican people like to use bitter chocolate in many local recipes such as the famous chicken with chocolate (Chicken Mole) and some very famous chefs around the world also like to use it in savoury recipes other than baking.

It was then no major invention to create our own spicy chocolate cake recipe. It is a dessert that you can serve by itself or with vanilla sauce,  cinnamon ice cream or even basil ice cream for those you enjoy modern cuisine.  

To surprise your guests with a beautifully tender and creamy chocolate cake with a twist, try on our spicy chocolate cake recipe!

Rose & Clementine’s spicy & creamy chocolate cake recipe

For 4 people.

180g dark chocolate

2 eggs

80g butter (low fat can do)

1 table spoon of white sugar

1 tea spoon of sweet corn flour (maizena)

1 tea spoon of grounded black pepper

1 pinch of saffron (optional)

1 pinch of salt

Turn on the oven at 175degrees Celsius.

Melt the chocolate and butter in the microwave or in a pan at low heat.

Separate the white and the yolks of the eggs.

Mix and stir the yolks with the sugar. Add to the chocolate/butter mix. Add the pepper, sweet corn flour and saffron. Stir the dough.

Add the salt pinch to the whites of the eggs. Beat the egg whites with an electric whisk (faster than manually) until stiff.

Cautiously add the stiff whites to the chocolate dough mixing gently from bottom up.

Pour the dough into a 20cm width baking pan.

Place in the oven for 20mn. The cake must remain moist. Serve when cooled down directly from the baking pan.  


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Nuit Blanche, a fairytale evocation at the enchanting Pronovias 2012 catwalk by Manuel Mota.


Lightness and movement for an extremely gracious bride.

One of the most enchanting characteristics of the collection was the lightness of movement of the dresses. The fabrics, shapes and garments were all designed to provide a beautiful vaporous effect to most of the collection.

  —   Feathers  —

  —  Ruffles, small and numerous or large and form giving  —

 —   Very light fabrics  —

Refined backs and very long tails

This year, the back sides of the dresses have become of great importance and they attracted our attention for being so refined and delicate. In addition, volume was also given at the back with very long tails and long ornamental mantles  providing a beautiful princess touch to the outfits.

Voluminous dresses

If the movie series on the Austrian Empress Sissi used to make you dream when you were young, you will love the Pronovias new bride collection. The gowns are either very large and voluminous, or very tight mermaid styled with very long tails. Absolutely gorgeous.

Again in 2012, the chic Pronovias bride will be stunning.

Congratulations to Pronovias on that spectacular collection! … For Rose&Clementine, it was love at first sight!

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Our creamy chocolate cupcake recipe

For 7 cupcakes of 7cm width


Cupcake dough
115g flour
110g grounded brown sugar
105g unsalted butter at room temperature
1 egg
70g dark chocolate
25g dark chocolate cut in chunks
10g Marshmallows cut in small cubes
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
7 drops hazelnut flavouring
50g natural yogurt

             -> We modified the published recipe of the topping (May 13th 2011) after a cupcake test session with qualified judges 😉 And the winner was not the cupcake with the topping recipe that was initally published here. Here is the winner recipe!
Creamy chocolate topping         
150g dark chocolate
80g unsalted butter at room temperature
80g Philadelphia cream cheese    (that you can at last find in France)
100g powdered sugar
2 pinches sea salt flakes


Little cupcakes moulds



Preheat oven at 180°C (th.6).

In a bowl, mix and beat the butter, vanilla extract and sugar alltogether until you get a creamy consistency. Add the previously beaten egg. Mix. Melt the 70g of dark chocolate. Add to the dough and mix.

Add half of the flour and the baking powder, mix. Then add the yogurt, mix, and then add the rest of the flour.

Place half a table spoon of chocolate dough at the bottom of each little mould. Add some marshmallows and chocolate chunks on top in the center and then add another half spoon of chocolate dough up to fill half of the mould.

Place in the oven for 25 mn. The cupcakes are cooked once a knife comes out clean of dough.

Place the cupcakes on a grill and let them cool down.

Creamy chocolate topping

Melt the chocolate and then add the butter, then the Philadelphia cream cheese, the powdered sugar, the yogurt and the fleur de sel.

You can now decorate your cupcakes. Place the cupcakes in the fridge for half an hour.

They are ready! Enjoy! 

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Cupcakes, are they here to stay?

CUPCAKES, are they here to stay?

Cup&Cake BCN

What is a cupcake?

If we were to describe a cupcake to somebody who does not know what it is, we would say that it looks like a muffin, it tastes like a sponge cake and it is beautifully decorated with an icing or any other topping that you can imagine.

However, to many people with a sweet tooth, they are so soooo much better than a regular muffin! They are moister, softer and the icing gives them a heavenly creamy touch. Sometimes they even have fillings to make them all the more irresistible.

Orange cupcake with a meringue topping and a bitter orange filling.

Cupcakes are little and they serve one person only. They are called cupcakes as they were originally served in cups.

  Red velvet cupcake with a cream cheese topping.

The topping is its main characteristics.

The topping can be of any flavour. Meringue, cream cheese, butter based, almond paste… There is no stop to imagination. But the flavour is not the only special thing about the topping. It can be in many different colours and shapes can also vary. The topping beautifully decorates the little cake to impress and appeal your eyes before indulging your mouths. Cupcakes are very pretty and colourful.

Apple cupcake with a lime topping.

Chocolate cupcake with a coco and  chocolate frosting.

Just a food trend or are they here to stay?

They were created in the US in the 19th century. They arrived in London a few years ago and their success has been rapidly growing along the continent.

However, some food journalists and websites have recently announced the end of the cupcake food trend. Can we let that happen?

However, are there really temporary trends in food as well as in clothes? There are food trends, that is a fact, but we believe that they are not necessarily temporary. Once you have tried something tasty, are you just going to stop eating it because the trend hunters decide it is out of fashion and chefs have to switch to something else?

The Cupcake Camps!!!

Are these trend hunters aware of the amazing Cupcake Camps that emerged in the US 2 years ago and spreading worldwide? Yes, Cupcake Camps… According to the website, it’s “an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and eat cupcakes in an open environment” (http://cupcakecamp.org/). If you want to participate in a Cupcake Camp, check out their website. There you will find information on the London and Paris 2011 and many other locations Cupcake Camps!  http://cupcakecampparis.blogspot.com/

So… That was our light… or better said sweet, topic of the day! And apparently, savoury cupcakes are starting booming now. Stay aware!

Apple, wallnut and cinnamon cupcake with a cream cheese frosting. Cup&Cake BCN.

We are going to publish cupcake recipes in the next few days. In the meantime, here are a few addresses to buy cupcakes around the world.

If it does not appear on the list yet, tell Rose&Clementine about your favourite cupcake address! The list can grow…

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands.

De Drie Grafjes – American Bakery

Gravenstraat 13



Cup&Cake BCN

C/Enric Granados 145

Eixample district


– Lolita Bakery

Portal Nou 20

Born District



Agnes Cupcakes

Sværtegade 2

Indre By, clothe to the Nyhavn area, a must see in CPH.


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates.

Magnolia Bakery


PO Box 2623 Dubai



The Hummingbird Bakery

3 locations:

– 47 Old Brompton Road
South Kensington district

– 133 Portobello Road
Notting Hill district

– 155a Wardour Street
Soho district.


LYON, France.

Candy Cookie Boulevard

20, rue Lanterne

69001 Lyon

PARIS, France.


25, rue de la forge royale
75011 Paris


Berko Original Cupcake

23 rue Rambuteau

75004 Paris


Synie’s Cupcakes

23 rue de l’abbe Gregoire

75006 Paris


MADRID, Spain.

Cupcake Madrid

Velázquez 126



Magnolia Bakery

Several locations:

– Bleecker Street 401

NY 10014

– Columbus avenue 200

NY 10023

– Rockefeller Center

1240 Avenue of the Americas

NY 10020



Cupcake STHLM

Sankt Eriksgatan 83
113 32 Stockholm


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