R&C’s moist Carrot Cake recipe

Super easy and fast to bake!

Cake ingredients

    – 200g sugar

    – 70g sunflower oil

    – 2 eggs

    – 150g flour

    – 2 teaspoons baking soda (if the flour you use is not self-raising)

    – 1,5 teaspoon cinnamon

    – 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

    – 0,5 teaspoon salt

    – 270g grated carrots

    – 0,5 teaspoon ground nutmeg

    – 0,5 teaspoon 4spice mix (Cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg and clove)

    – 90g wallnuts

Icing ingredients

    – 120g Philadelphia cream cheese

    – 240g icing sugar

    – 50g butter

    – 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract


Preheat your oven at 160degrees celsius.

Beat sugar, eggs and oil until the mixture whitens a bit.

Add all the other ingredients except from the walnuts and carrots. Mix well.

Add carrots and walnuts. Mix thoroughly.

Pour in a greased pan and place in the oven for 40 minutes.

Icing preparation

Handmix cream cheese, softened butter (not melted), vanilla and icing sugar. Cover the cake when it is cooled down. Place in the fridge for an hour.




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3 responses to “R&C’s moist Carrot Cake recipe

  1. Banou & Tom

    Ho mi Ho my! this is gonna be in my oven tonight!

  2. Banou & Tom

    Happy valentine!

  3. Greg

    For breakfast, just a dream…!!!

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