For Italian shoe lovers – Cesare Paciotti & Sergio Rossi. Part II.

Rose & Clementine was amazed by the extremely high level of creation of the coming Fall/Winter 2011 collection of the luxury brand Sergio Rossi. Francesco Russo striked his admirers with the beauty of his new line with fascinating shapes and exquisite shoe styles.

Beautiful and innovative round volumes.

Francesco Russo imagined a very glamorous collection with graceful shapes and voluptuous volumes that manage to give movement to the shoe. He explains that his intention was to present a very couture and dramatic approach to shoe design.

The emblematic image of this collection is probably the round and wavy openings of many shoe models that remind us of the shapes of a flower with large and graceful petals.

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Mutation spirit of the collection.

Francesco Russo explains that mutation has also been a key concept of this new collection.  The mutation of the shoe turning into a flower reminds him of the woman’s transformation when she puts on high heels. Indeed, the designer mentions that women stand, move and walk differently when they are wearing high heeled shoes.

These beautiful shapes express the spirit of mutation that Francesco Russo was keen on designing this amazing shoe line.


Flowers are not the only element of nature of the collection. Butterflies are also iconic here and we can find them on many different items. Rose & Clementine especially liked the butterfly golden detail ornamenting the back of a black high heeled shoe that you can discover in the video.

Rose & Clementine also spotted stunning golden red shoes with large black dots that were a clear representation of a lovely ladybird.

… Superb!



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