For Italian shoe lovers – Cesare Paciotti & Sergio Rossi. Part I.

Rose & Clementine has hunted down over the internet the interviews of two very famous and genious Italian luxury shoe designers, Cesare Paciotti and Francesco Russo for Sergio Rossi.

Cesare Paciotti analyses the trends of his beautiful and feminine Spring/Summer 2011 collection and Sergio Rossi presents his fabulous and couture Fall/Winter 2011 collection.

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Cesare Paciotti’s line follows the biggest trends from the Spring and Summer 2011 fashion collections for a very contemprorary spirit.

We can find lace that symbolises the utmost and delicate  femininity of the 2011 modern woman. However, his colourful line distances itself with the major high street trends and sticks to soft but fresh colours such as orange, pineapple yellow, pomegranate, Baltic blue and pastel light green avoiding too bright electric colours. 

Cesare Paciotti explains that the well-mannered and educated woman is back in fashion so elegant and subtle shades are very welcome. Still in that same chic spirit, heels are smaller than in the pasts few collections. 

Style, elegance and modernity. For more images, connect on


Francesco Russo analyses his new coming Fall/Winter collection for the luxury brand Sergio Rossi. He defines it as very couture. With its beautiful and innovative  round volumes, the collection takes us to another level of couture shoes. More on that tomorrow!


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  1. sito hogan

    Sono molto soddisfatto di questo distacco che ci hai dato. Questo è veramente un lavoro stupendo fatto da voi. Grazie e alla ricerca di altri messaggi.

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