Nuit Blanche, a fairytale evocation at the enchanting Pronovias 2012 catwalk by Manuel Mota.


Lightness and movement for an extremely gracious bride.

One of the most enchanting characteristics of the collection was the lightness of movement of the dresses. The fabrics, shapes and garments were all designed to provide a beautiful vaporous effect to most of the collection.

  —   Feathers  —

  —  Ruffles, small and numerous or large and form giving  —

 —   Very light fabrics  —

Refined backs and very long tails

This year, the back sides of the dresses have become of great importance and they attracted our attention for being so refined and delicate. In addition, volume was also given at the back with very long tails and long ornamental mantles  providing a beautiful princess touch to the outfits.

Voluminous dresses

If the movie series on the Austrian Empress Sissi used to make you dream when you were young, you will love the Pronovias new bride collection. The gowns are either very large and voluminous, or very tight mermaid styled with very long tails. Absolutely gorgeous.

Again in 2012, the chic Pronovias bride will be stunning.

Congratulations to Pronovias on that spectacular collection! … For Rose&Clementine, it was love at first sight!


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