Working in the Perfume Industry in Paris, its most emblematic city in the world.

R&C’s VIP of the month, Chloe Laparra.


At first glance, Chloe Laparra is the typical young working Parisian woman that you would imagine. Chic, dynamic, always running after time or after the subway.

She has been kind enough to dedicate some of her precious time to answer R&C’s questions.

Chloe works as a sales person in a company that creates fragrances.

R&C: Hi Chloe. Thank you so much for accepting this interview. Can you tell us about your career in the Perfume Industry?

Chloe: I have been working in the Fragrance industry for 3 years and a half now. I work for Technico Flor in Paris, where I hold the position of Sales and Marketing Representative.

R&C: And what do you do in a few words?

Chloe: As a Sales and Marketing Representative, I develop the marketing messages of each fragrance creation along with our Perfume makers. I am constantly in contact with our clients which are Luxury brands that sell either perfumes, high quality body health care or make-up, and also companies that sell mass market home fragrances.

One of my main tasks is to present to our clients the fragrance samples produced by our perfume creators, also known as “Noses”, and an olfactive pyramid. And in the process, I have to convey the images and messages that our new fragrances carry.  

R&C: Had you always wanted to work in that industry? What attracted you to it?

Chloe: I have always dreamt about the world of fragrances and its mysteries. When I was young, my father used to bring back perfume samples home that I used to collect. I guess that inside me, I have always had that sensibility to fragrances and smells. Perfumes and smells remind us of memories that we wish to revive. They represent an untouched and secret world. They evoke dreams and magic.

Also, I have been lucky to meet Mr. Martin Gras, a renowned perfume maker, who helped me confirm my intention to work for the Perfume Industry. Then,  I got my first work experience as an Intern at Symrise in Barcelona, a German global supplier of fragrances and flavourings.

R&C: We understand that fragrances from Chanel, Dior, Hermes, Lolita Lempicka  have no secrets for you. You are very clearly passionate about perfumes.

Can you tell R&C’s readers what are the current trends in terms of fragrances?

Chloe: There are several trends at the moment such as fresh, floral and citric hints, bubbly and light types of eau de toilette for women or wooden and fresh hints for men.

For both women and men, there is an increasing attraction to green and ethic perfumes that are made in a Fair Trade spirit. A good example for that trend is EDT by Body Shop.

Natural perfumes made out of 100% pure and natural raw materials are being quite successful as well. I can name BioBeauté by Nuxe, Melvita, and the Acorelle brand.

R&C: Has the perfume industry been affected by the Financial crisis or is the situation the same than in the more general Luxury Industry (which is one of the only industries that see their sales boom in a Financial crisis)?

Chloe: It is a fact that raw material prices have boomed. We have been affected by the crisis at its beginning but we fought against this gloomy period by working more and harder.

R&C: Any suggestion to the readers on how to choose a perfume?

Chloe: Take your time and do not let yourself be influenced by somebody else’s perfume even if you noticed and liked it before. Perfume fragrances change on your skin and perfumes that you like a lot might not suit you at all. 

A good tip: If your perfume suits you, you should not be able to smell it anymore a few minutes after you sprayed it on yourself. Only others around you should smell it along the day, not you.

R&C: Favourite restaurant in Paris at the moment.

Chloe: La Plage Parisienne, on a boat at quay near Tour Eiffel.

R&C: Favourite fashion item in your wardrobe this season.

Chloe: My favourite item at the moment is a silvery silk and cotton sleeveless top by Marc Jacobs.

R&C: Favourite home meal after a hard day at work.

Chloe: I always dine out. My favourite quick meal after a hard day at work would be sushi.

R&C: The best compliment that somebody can make to you

Chloe: You smell good.

R&C: And of course, what is the perfume you are wearing today?

Chloe: Today I’m at work and it is not recommended in my position to wear perfume at work or to go to meet clients. But in the evening, I use Chance Eau Fraiche, Chanel.

Thank you very much Chloe! We were glad to know more about you and the very appealing industry you work for!


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