The Odyssey of Cartier to Russia, China and India.

Rose & Clementine would like to share the new enchanting Cartier advert called L’Odyssee de Cartier 2012. A delight.


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R&C’s moist Carrot Cake recipe

Super easy and fast to bake!

Cake ingredients

    – 200g sugar

    – 70g sunflower oil

    – 2 eggs

    – 150g flour

    – 2 teaspoons baking soda (if the flour you use is not self-raising)

    – 1,5 teaspoon cinnamon

    – 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

    – 0,5 teaspoon salt

    – 270g grated carrots

    – 0,5 teaspoon ground nutmeg

    – 0,5 teaspoon 4spice mix (Cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg and clove)

    – 90g wallnuts

Icing ingredients

    – 120g Philadelphia cream cheese

    – 240g icing sugar

    – 50g butter

    – 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract


Preheat your oven at 160degrees celsius.

Beat sugar, eggs and oil until the mixture whitens a bit.

Add all the other ingredients except from the walnuts and carrots. Mix well.

Add carrots and walnuts. Mix thoroughly.

Pour in a greased pan and place in the oven for 40 minutes.

Icing preparation

Handmix cream cheese, softened butter (not melted), vanilla and icing sugar. Cover the cake when it is cooled down. Place in the fridge for an hour.



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ALDO, the Canadian IT shoe brand now in Paris!

The world famous Canadian brand Aldo was founded by Aldo Bensadoun in Montreal in 1972 and its IT shoes and accessories are now available in 67 countries.

After settling in Portugal and then Spain in the last few years, the brand is continuing its expansion and has recently opened two shops in Paris, France (rue de Rivoli & La Defense) and another one is planned to  open in Lyon in the next few months. Norway and Italy are also among the new markets targetted by Aldo.

His business model is to offer high quality, fashionable and stylish items to a broad panel of clients at reasonable prices. Hence fashionistas can give free way to their shoe addictions.

Take a look at Rose&Clementine’s selection and prepare to run to Aldo shops, the sales are starting soon!

  Photo credits

   Photo credits

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Weekend trip to Copenhagen – R&C’s recommendations

Rose&Clementine went to the pretty and cold Copenhagen a few times and is happy to share its favourite addresses with you.

But be prepared! Everything in Denmark is very expensive, from food to hotels, transportation, etc. So, you need to keep that information in mind before you get there.

Photo credits R&C


The Square Hotel
The Square hotel is very well located on the main square of the city which is called Radhuspladsen. It is very convenient to visit the city and go out at night. Also, you are never too far from your warm bedroom when you are feeling too cold outside and dream about warmth and cosiness! It is clean, modern, nice and simple. The address is Radhuspladsen 14.

Copenhagen Island
Less central but very modern and nice hotel. Rooms are more spacious than at the Square and the hotel offers the convenience of a good quality on-site restaurant. The hotel is located by the river Syndhavnen so you might get a nice open view on it from your room. The only negative side is that the staff at the reception can be unpleasant. But Rose&Clementine might have been unlucky.  Adress: Kalvebod Brygge 53

Nørreport area – Photo credits R&C


Sankt Gertruds Kloster
There is a very nice restaurant that R&C would like to recommend for a very nice dinner out. It is located in the center, at walking distance to Radhuspladsen. It is a beautiful 14th century cloister lit by thousands of candles and as most of the rooms are underground the candle light gives a nice intimate and secretive atmosphere. Perfect for a romantic evening.

The food is very good. It is a mix of Danish and international cuisine.  It is a bit expensive but it is worth the experience. Do not forget to book a table.  Address: Hauser Plads 32

The Royal Cafe
Nice fashionable and kitsch restaurant perfect for lunch in the middle of a day of shopping. Try on the super fashionable Danish Smushis! They basically are mini portions of a dish, perfect to try on several dishes. Tasty and modern food, nice cosy place. You will love going there with your girlfriends. It is located on a main shopping pedestrian street. Address: Amargertorv 6.

Smushis at The Cafe Royal. Photo credits R&C.

Chili Milli
Nice and cheap deli take-away but with tables where you can have a quick lunch for example. It offers tasty and freshly cooked dishes. It is a chain and you can find Chili Milli on several locations in the center and one of them is Radhusplatsen.

La Galette
Little French creperie for a lunch break. Very tiny, quite good and cheap (for CPH but all is relative). Adress: Larsbjørnsstræde 9

Agnes cupcakes
The best cupcakes R&C ever tried! A paradise for the sweet toothed ones. You can sit down for an afternoon coffee and sweets. Clever rec: go for the mini cupcakes, you can try more flavours!. It is very central and located in the Nørreport area which is between Radhusplatsen and Nyhavn. R&C spotted a website that mentions it: A must! The address is Sværtegade 2.

Agnes Cupcakes – Photo credits R&C

Obviously… But you need to book a long while in advance. Check out the Rose&Clementine post on this restaurant.

Nice walks and shopping

The emblematic little harbour of Nyhavn is a must see in the city. It is the cutest area of Copenhagen both in day time to see the warm colours of the buildings and at night because it is well lit with taste.

Nyhavn- Photo credits R&C

Get lost on purpose in the charming little streets between Radhuspladsen and Nyhavn. This area is called Nørreport. The beautiful and colourful old buildings in these streets really are another must see. And, if you like vintage clothing, that is where you want to go shopping! R&C always starts at the second hand KBH.K shop on Studiestraede 32B and walk around the area. There are lots of vintage shops around there and some of them are actually cheap! In the same area, make sure you visit the pedestrian shopping streets Strøget and Købmagergade with many small boutiques and the two malls Illum and Magasin.

If you are not too cold, get out of the wind protected city center and dare to walk to the Little Mermaid. The statue is very little but so emblematic of the country! And once you are there, go and visit the castle.

Photo credits R&C

The Statens Museum for Kunst is a museum R&C visited a few months ago (Sølvgade 48, 1307, Denmark). It offers both temporary and permanent expositions. A temporary expo that R&C liked was the Modern Art show on European artists. On the other hand, the permanent exposition was very dense although interesting. The walls were packed with paintings the ones above the others, sometimes 3 or 4 on one row, but the retrospective on art evolution over the centuries is remarkable.

Nørreport area – Photo credits R&C

Please give your feedback if you visit these places!

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A last peak at Summer with two of R&C’s creations.


Blue flower top – La collection de Rose   Photo credits Rose&Clementine

  Photo credits Rose&Clementine

Asymetrical and long printed dress – La collection de Rose  

    Photo credits Rose&Clementine

Asymetrical and long printed dress – La collection de Rose



Savoury cake with olives, tomato and goat cheese.

Here is Rose&Clementine’s latest delicious recipe.  


Savoury cake with olives, tomato and goat cheese.

For 4 people as a starter. If served as a main dish, the proportions are better suited for 3.

To be served with a green salad preferably with spicy French dressing.



60g flour

2 eggs

2 spoons of sunflower oil

3 spoons of double cream/crème fleurette

2 tea spoons of baking powder

¼ or ½ of a teaspoon of salt (at your convenience)

1 tomato

50g green olives

2 generous handful of grated Emmental cheese

100g goat cheese


  • Heat up your oven at 180degree Celsius.
  • Pour the flour in a dish. Add the eggs, beat well until the dough is smooth. Add the sunflower oil, the double cream, the baking powder and salt.
  • Add the Emmental cheese.
  • Wash and cut the tomatoe in small squares. Add the tomato and olives to the dough and mix carefully.
  • Wrap a rectangular cooking dish (27cm/7cm in the picture) with baking paper.
  • Pour the dough in the cooking dish. Cut the goat cheese in slices and deep the slices evenly into the dough.
  • Place the dish in the oven for around 30/35minutes depending on your oven.


You can replace the olives with 50g of walnuts that you will have roughly chopped beforehand.


Serve warm or cold. R&C prefers it warm but that is up to you!


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Seasonal chicken dish with endives, mushrooms, bacon and olives

What better than to cook with seasonal ingredients? Endives and mushrooms are typical Autumn ones and they can go very well together in a cooked dish. Rose&Clementine is happy to share this delicious recipe that includes them.



Rose&Clementine’s Autumn’s chicken dish with endives, bacon, mushrooms and olives.

Ingredients for 4 people

4 breasts of chicken

4 endives

1 large or 2 small onions

200g mushrooms

125g diced bacon

200 ml cream (“crème fleurette”/ double cream type, can be low fat)

60 g stoneless green olives 

Dijon mustard (the yellow and strong one)

2 tea spoons of butter

fresh parsley

 Optional: basmati rice, tagliatelli or spaghetti.



–         Slice the chicken.

–         Melt 1 tea spoon of butter in a pan and fry the chicken until golden. Then take it out of the pan and add salt, pepper and cover the strips in mustard. Leave aside.

–         Fry the diced bacon. Once cooked, take them out the pan and dry them in kitchen paper (sopalin).

–         Melt one tea spoon of butter in a pan at low-mid temperature, add the onion and endives cut in small pieces and the diced bacon. Leave them cook slowly for 5 minutes. Then, add the previously sliced mushrooms and olives and leave the mixture cook slowly for 5 minutes extra.

–         Add the chicken strips and cook at low-mid temperature for 15/20mn. If need be, add a spoon of water to provent the dish from drying.

–         Add the cream, 2 or 3 tea spoons of mustard, salt and pepper and let it warm for 3minutes.



It is ready. The dish should preferably be served with white basmati rice, tagliatelli or spaghetti.

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A fresh tabouleh recipe

Ok, so Summer is coming to an end. But here is a recipe that is going to take you back to the warm night picnics you had a few weeks ago, somewhere on the grass, a bridge or on a beach.

This is a very fresh lemony tabouleh recipe. Perfect for an evening of watching Summer pictures for example.

It is extremely easy and fast to make but it needs to stay in the fridge for 6 hours minimum. It usually tastes even better the day after.


Rose&Clementine’s favourite tabouleh recipe.

For 4/5 people


200g semolina (cuscus grain)

400g cucumber

100g onions

500g branch tomatoes

3 large lemons

20g fresh mint

Virgin olive oil



  • Pour the semolina in a large bowl. Cut the cucumber, onions and tomatoes in small pieces. Add this mixture onto the semolina and mix.
  • Press the lemon juice and pour it on the semolina mix. Mix thoroughly.
  • Cover the bowl with cling film and place it in the fridge for 6 hours.
  •  Half an hour before serving it, pour slowly a small quantity of olive oil evenly on the dish. Mix. Add salt. Mix.
  •  Wash the fresh mint, dry it and cut it into very small slices. Sprinkle on the dish and mix thoroughly.
  •  Cover again with cling film and place in the fridge again for half an hour.


It is ready!


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Rose & Clementine’s favourite day of shopping in Barcelona. (4) Sita Murt & Pretty Ballerinas

Today, to finish with its 100% Spanish shopping saga in Barcelona, Rose&Clementine is going to take you to the beautiful SITA MURT catwalk and the Pretty Ballerinas world.


Sita Murt is a Spanish designer from Catalunya and her brand is now expanding abroad. Great news for Parisians, a shop recently opened rue Vieille du Temple in the city center.  For those who do not know Sita Murt’s collections yet,  here is a brief description of what you can find.

Top quality fabrics, fashionable designs all perfectly well cut.

If you are constantly looking for high quality and beautiful items, Rose&Clementine highly recommends Sita Murt’s brand. You can find shops all over the country in Spain and also in Paris, France. Otherwise, you can always buy online on

In Barcelona, R&C recommends Sita Murt shops on Passeig de Gracia and Carrer Mallorca between Rambla Catalunya and Passeig de Gracia.

Photo credits Sita Murt – and the brand’s Facebook page


Photo credits Sita Murt – and the brand’s Facebook page


Photo credits Sita Murt – and the brand’s Facebook page


Photo credits Sita Murt – and the brand’s Facebook page




Pretty Ballerinas is a divison of the Mascaro family business from the island of Menorca, Spain. At Pretty Ballerinas history and tradition are keys to the brand’s success. Its footwear is hand-made and ethically sourced in Menorca.

Pretty Ballerinas is an impressive brand, not only for its broadest and fast international expansion, but also of course for the quality and beautifully designed products. Pretty Ballerinas sells comfortable, high quality and utmostly fashionable ballerinas.

Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer and even Princess Letizia of Spain were seen wearing Pretty Ballerinas shoes. Now it is your turn!

You can find Pretty Ballerinas shops all over the world. Barcelona, Paris, London, Milan, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Zagreb, Taipei and many more places. You can also buy the items on the company’s website at

In Barcelona, Rose&Clementine recommends the shop located on Rambla Catalunya.

Photo credits Pretty Ballerinas – Pictures found on


Marilyn model                                                   Marilyn model 

Animal print suede & fuschia elastic             Black glitzy mesh fabric

Photo credits Pretty Ballerinas – Pictures found on


Rosario model                         Marilyn model

Bright purple suede       –      Pewter leather with elastic & black toecap

Photo credits Pretty Ballerinas – Pictures found on


Marilyn model                                    Marilyn model

Black suede with gold metal bowDark silver sequins

Photo credits Pretty Ballerinas – Pictures found on


Marilyn model                               Shirley model

Nude patent with black toecapBlack patent with zebra&fushia trim

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Rose & Clementine’s favourite day of shopping in Barcelona.(3) Hakei


What to say about Hakei? The designs are elegant and modern, the cuts are perfect, the fabrics of the clothe are soft and high quality, and they feel silky on the skin. Beautiful.

Hakei is a family business that was created in the Spanish Pais Vasco in 1946 and it recently expanded in Paris and Nice in France where Rose & Clementine is convinced that it is going to be very successful. French women will like the style of the brand for sure.

In Barcelona, R&C recommends the Hakei shop located on Rambla Catalunya.

You can find below a few pictures from the Fall/Winter 11-12  collection and advertising campaign.

Clothes, leather shoes and bags, jewelery and more beautiful accessories. Rose & Clementine loves Haikei collections.

More on

Photo credits Hakei, pictures found on Hakei facebook page.

Photo credits Hakei, pictures found on Hakei facebook page.

Photo credits Hakei, pictures found on Hakei facebook page.

Photo credits Hakei, pictures found on Hakei facebook page.


Orange & blue-grey pattern dress.      Leather handbag.  

Photo credits Hakei, pictures found on Hakei facebook page.


Tartan style shirt .                        Beige trousers.

Photo credits Hakei, pictures found on Hakei facebook page.


Turquoise leather handbag.         Turquoise leather belt.

Photo credits Hakei, pictures found on Hakei facebook page.


Golden bird bracelet.                                    Golden cat ring.

Photo credits Hakei, pictures found on Hakei facebook page.


Golden-brown dress.                    Turquoise ankle leather boots.